Back Care awareness week 7-11 October 2015.

“The lack of physical activity is one of the top 4 leading causes of preventable death”. World Health Organisation statement.

So have you heard about the campaign to Get Britain Standing? And the ‘Active Working’ principles?
Nor had I till I read the Back Care info at
Active working is definitely a possibility for students! There are a few basic principles which I know some of the uni staff already practise, so why couldn’t you?!

Active Working Tips:
1. Keep moving around. Take frequent breaks
2. Take phone calls standing up, this also boosts confidence and voice quality
3. Try removing tables and chairs from meeting rooms. This leads to shorter meetings
4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
5. Walk to a colleague’s desk, instead of emailing
6. Stand during presentations or speeches
Another popular move has been to have a sit-stand desk.
A height adjustable work station using it for between 15mins to 2 hours is seemingly a great way to stay fitter and keep those muscles working.
Apparently Winston Churchill did this, so you’d be following in some pretty impressive footsteps (or standing in them, at least!)
And you burn 40% more calories by standing at your desk.
Don’t forget that to prevent back problems in the first place you need to keep active, work your core muscles (yoga/ pilates), take care with lifting and carrying heavy items, and have a great posture when sitting eg in lectures/ in the library. Check out the link for exercises to help back health.

Finally, if you have severe back pain, with pain radiating down your leg, or from neck to arm, then please see the GP. We rarely x-ray backs anymore but we need to see you for assessment if you seem to be having nerve symptoms, like tingling/ numbness/ shooting pains or weakness of hand grip/ leg strength.
Physio clinics are a brilliant place to start for more mild to moderate back pain without nerve symptoms.

So, try Active Working, and keep your back healthy!