BBQ safety!

Plan ahead for barbecue weather!

The summer break has arrived for most students, and while the weather might not be as sunny and warm as we’d all hoped, there has been the odd day of great weather.

Barbecues are one of the most popular social activities over the summer but before you dust off your old barbecue and start heating up the coals, here is some essential fire and barbecue safety advice from fire safety specialists Firemart (

Take care when deciding where to position your barbecue
Barbecues should only be used on flat surfaces, outdoors, and you should ensure they are not placed near any shrubs, trees or any furniture which could catch fire.

It’s also worth thinking about your use of the outdoor area – any games or activities taking place should be kept well away from the barbecue area, as well as away from any children or pets.

Safe Barbecue usage
If you’re in charge of cooking on the barbecue we advise that you avoid drinking alcohol until your cooking duties have finished.

For coal barbecues, only use approved barbecue lighter fluid, and make sure you use the minimum amount necessary. You should never use petrol or other fuels which were not meant for barbecues as these can ignite ferociously…and there could be the added side effect of your food tasting strange!
Choose barbecue utensils like tongs and forks which have long handles.

Food preparation

Aside from the fire safety elements, there are also some considerations when it comes to preparing your food for the barbecue. If you’re cooking meat from the freezer, ensure it is properly thawed before you cook it.

Remember that raw meat needs to be kept separately from cooked food – use different containers and utensils for each.

To avoid upset tummies the next day, ensure your meat is cooked on the barbecue throughout by turning it regularly.

After your Barbecue

Wait until your barbecue has cooled down completely before you attempt to move it or clean it, and never place hot barbecue coals into your bin. If your barbecue has a lid, you can speed up the cooling down process by placing the lid on – this removes the oxygen.

Some final tips
If the sun is out, don’t forget to wear sun screen, and if you’re feeling too hot then spend some time in the shade. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water.


If you keep the above guidance in mind, and plan in advance for the next day of good weather, your next barbecue should be a success!