National Smile Month! 19th May- 19th June 2014

Each year the British Dental Health Foundation promotes dental health awareness with its National Smile Month, this year it will be May 19th – June 19th.


Further advice about looking after your teeth while you are a student can be found at


Students are vulnerable to tooth decay and the beginnings of gum disease – looking after your teeth between 18 and 25 will have long term positive effects as well as saving you a lot of money over your lifetime.


Seeing a dentist once a year will help to identify problems while they are small, therefore easier (and cheaper) to sort out. There are lots of preventive things that dentists can do to stop decay in its tracks. One of the simplest things is just having your teeth cleaned, which is enormously beneficial to your gums and helps prevent bad breath. If you haven’t had a snog for a while it could be your teeth need a scale and polish . . .


Unfortunately dentistry is no longer free for students but you can get help on grounds of low income by filling in an HC-1 form for NHS treatment. Always use your term time address so that other family income doesn’t have to be included.

See  for further advice.


Looking after your teeth now is so important. As the Smile Month website says, most adults wish they had looked after their teeth more when they were younger. By being good to your teeth and gums as a student, you will have a healthier, trouble free mouth both now and in the future, and that will save you a lot of money.


David Obree


Redland Road Dental Practice