Figs, Chestnuts , Nutmegs, Baubles and Jingle berries!

Actually I am not talking about Christmas items, but some of the names given to testicles!

The Male Cancer website ‘Your Privates’, run by the charity Orchid, gives 33 different names to testicles- I challenge you to see if you can think of them all! (Some of the least rude answers are at the end!).

The website does, however, also have an important message to convey to all you men out there:

‘Get to know your Balls’………or whatever name you like to use for them.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged between 15-45 years with just over approximately 2200 new cases a year. However, if found at an early stage cure rates of 98% are usually possible. Even when testicular cancer has spread to other areas of the body cure can still be achieved. Recent research has suggested that 96% of all men with testicular cancer should be cured.

So to assist early detection you need to be performing Testicular Self Examination, in other words getting to know what’s normal for you!

Testicular Self Examination

Perform Testicular Self Examination (TSE) about once a month.

The best time is after a warm bath or shower (so the scrotum is soft and relaxed)

Get to know your balls and if you find something abnormal, get it checked out. This may include a lump or a noticeable increase in size or weight of the testicle.

The website (link below) contains a video demonstrating TSE (under testicular health and awareness)

What to watch out for?

A lump can be felt in 97% of cases of testicular cancer, and in approximately 86% of cases this will be painless. However, also remember that only 4 in 100 lumps will be cancer. There are many other causes of lumps or swellings in the scrotum including infection (Epididymo-orchitis), fluid (Hydrocoele), varicose veins ( Varicocoele), and Epididymal cysts. Many of these can be easily diagnosed when examined by a doctor, but a simple painless Ultrasound Scan may sometimes also be required.

So grab those ‘crackers’ and add ‘Getting to know you Baubles’ to your New Years Resolution list alongside your regular Chlamydia test!

Answers- acorns, baby-makers, back wheels, baubles, chestnuts, cods, conkers, cream crackers, doodads, figs, globes, goolies, hairy conkers, heirlooms, jingle berries, knackers, love apples, love nuts, love spuds, marble halls, meaty bites, nads, nobby halls, nuggets, nutmegs, nuts, plums, rocks.